Bs.Intertechs Company Limited is a professional engineering service company. Established in early 2009, they provide professional engineering services and have experienced rapid growth in their industry ever since.

Bs.Intertechs Company Limited has many users, spanning from industrial companies, end-users, and thousands of clients.

On February 16th a Telegram channel with over 2800 subscribers allegedly leaked valuable client information, also containing admin information:

The channel is a known hub and marketplace for data. Having their online shop, owning another 2 channels in Telegram and groups across other platforms.

The data contains 10139 email addresses and passwords. The company is mainly oriented towards industrial clients, however, it contains the credentials of 100 users with corporate domains.

The spread of admin accounts enables the possibility of other attacks or continuous collection of data.

Things to keep in mind as a client:

  • Be suspicious of emails from companies (phishing) for you to change your password related to this account or similar ones used. 
  • Be sure to use a complex password and when possible, use a VPN.
  • Early detection and having the right software and team can be instrumental in mitigating damage if a breach like this occurs. 

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