The following information found for this story is from a Telegram channel, emphasizing hacked databases targeting government institutions, and their undercurrent theme supports far-left ideas and protests. Breach channels such as these can add fire to a politicized movement and provide people with the freedom of information using the tool they know best – hacking.

On February 25th, 2022, their first post appeared claiming to have taken down Russia’s military site, where hashtag #OpRussia started growing.

Two hours after the first leak a second was shared:

The content is full of combined files that the hacking groups have decided are similar to the “.ru” domain and this could be helpful because the files contain different Russian emails, even, and

On 27th February the channel shared the following message:

The message is used for an announcement for the aim of the hacker/hacking group and the following leaks that were published.

The first leak is a combination of 4 other leaks that took place on different dates. The earliest is from January 16th this year and the last one from February 15th.

The second message is a leak from Tomsk State University’s main system source code, which was shared on February 6th, 2022. The information was leaked to a famous forum that has since been taken down, it wasn’t shared anywhere else, and leads us to believe it was deleted. The data files are suspected to be from 2020.

The channel is continuously publishing data as just as writing the following data was published:

The data contains everything from the personal data of workers to electricity bills, pictures of documents and even financial reports. The information is from the 28th of February, we will keep a close eye on the developing situation and update our readers and followers with any new and relevant discoveries. Our hearts and thoughts go out to those displaced and affected by the current situation.

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