A well-known center for research in Iraq, Al-Sibt Specialized Center for Research and Scientific Publishing had sensitive information leaked. The center prides itself on credible, scientific publications, working with elite academics, top researchers, and well-known scientists. 

The following leak was found on a marketplace in Telegram with around 3 thousand subscribers. It was detected on the 8th of February 2022. The leak is stated to be taken from: srp-center.iq

After investigating the publically accessible user info, we were able to validate that at least 50% of the data is connected to this particular site as stated by the hacking group.

The information below contains users’ emails and passwords, posing a potential threat to researchers, compromising information shared between them if this leak falls into malicious hands. The breach can be used by a lot of hacking communities, such as anti-government rebels. Additionally, such information can be used as leverage to leak the data shared in the forum publically.

There is a file containing admin users too, which allows for even more exploitation and possible chaos to an esteemed research facility and all its affiliates. The admin data is 17 profiles including not secure passwords.

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