Hackers strike again, compromising sensitive information from one of Russia’s oil and gas moguls, Gazprom.

Gazprom is a Russian majority state-owned multinational energy corporation headquartered in the Lakhta Center in Saint Petersburg.

One of the largest IT channels supporting Ukraine’s protection shared its first post:

Shown above, is a list of targets to be attacked by DDoS attacks, in which Gazprom is one of the first-mentioned.

Anonymous claiming they are DDosing Gazprom

Gazprom data and source code breached

The data contains source code and as stated by the hackers, it includes WellPro projects.

There is a small amount of user data that contains names and email addresses:

By the information available we were able to confirm employers’ information listed, including admin credentials.

This leak is yet another attack from Ukraine against Russia. We will continue to monitor and verify the events as they unfold. 

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