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About Us


Tesseract Intelligence is a group of highly experienced, multicultural threat intelligence professionals. We’ve all grown behind the keyboards and have been tracking cyber criminals for decades. That is why, we know how important is to stay agile, adapt and follow cyber criminals wherever they decide to migrate their operation and communication to. We also believe it is impossible to know everything and cover every place in the cyber underground, hence we are quite open for any joint investigations and cooperation in general.

Our services

Threats Detection and Prevention

Early and proactive defense, against malicious activities from cyber criminals, reduces significantly the risks you are taking, as well as lowers the costs associated with your cyber protection. The sooner you are able to react to a threat, the more you’ll discourage hackers from targeting you in the future. With our threat intelligence services you’ll know of chatters and cyber activities targeting your organization, whether they occur in the clear, deep or dark web.

Geopolitical Intelligence

We have the ability to monitor events and activities within specific geographical area, under specific languages or within specific industries. That is going to allow you to better guide your decision making process and stay on top of regional threats.

Capability Enhancement

Whether you are building your company threat intelligence team from the grounds up, you want to offer threat intelligence services of your own, or you just want to expand your cyber underground coverage – we are going to help you. Bringing the threat intelligence in-house is a great idea, as costly as it is. We are going to help reduce those costs significantly, by providing your team continuously with all the forums, shops, chat groups and various places where cyber criminals gather.

Data Breach Detection

Sharing of breached databases, among hackers in the cyber underground, has become a significant trend for the past years. Usage of compromised credentials as an entry point to your organization and for account takeovers, has become a common scenario, that we see daily. Using our proprietary techniques, we manage to detect and intercept exchange of unique data breaches, unknown to the rest of our industry or the public realm.

Brand Protection

Your brand and your reputation are one of yours most important assets. They are prone to abuse from phishing campaigns, misinformation, defamation, insider threats, domain squatting and many more. We can help you protect your brand by providing you with immediate and contextualized intelligence of any such malicious activities.

Cutting edge threat intelligence and research

Want to partner with us ?

We have developed threat intelligence solutions to keep track of everything happening in the regular, deep and dark web and in particular chat platforms such as Telegram. Telegram’s user base is growing rapidly at 40% each year since 2013 ( for details click here ).There is a trend of increasing migration of various cyber criminal groups, en masse, away from cyber crime forums and into chat platforms with different level of anonymity and security features. Don’t allow such blind spots to open up for your cyber threats visibility.

Whether you want to enhance your cyber underground coverage or do joint investigations with us – feel free to contact us and inquire for potential partnership opportunities.